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Tuesday 21st of May

Beyond the overview you can find on the right (or below), I can tell you more about myself, since I am interested in many other areas than informatics.

The first of them is music. If I mainly play flute (ten years study after violin, piano and clarinet) I am also a countertenor, but I do not work enough. If I have a classical training, my musical tastes are eclectic and I appreciate listening to Rachmaninov as well as Bach or Iron Maiden or Metallica without forgetting some Blues or Jazz artists.

Mathematics were also entairtaining me, but I was not blossomed and shift to engineering - that being said, I still like some philosophical principles inherent to this science. However, I will do again some arithmetic and geometry in the futur because these are interesting topics to me.

Technical and theoretical aspects of my research work passionate me, but I am also interested in human relations and in particular to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Communication is essential for me in everyday life and knowing some tools to help others move forward to achieve their goal is really enthusiastic. I have been interested in NLP after I followed a small conference by Stéphane Witzmann, and since then I try to give a little time to learn these techniques. Since July 2018 I am a NLP Practitioner and moving forward to get a professional certification in coaching !

I also appreciate to construct things, though I do not have much time to devote to this other passion. I have made plans about furnitures that I transformed into factual objects. I also enjoy designing home plans (Far from the difficulty of those of an architect, but it is not the goal). I also realised the electrical part, the insulation and the installation of drywalls in a small apartment.

I also like bikes. The feeling of escape and freedom that comes while riding a bike on the roads of "France and Navarre" has no rivals (on earth I mean, unless driving a tank, it must be cool to drive a tank ...).

I think I have written all that I can, and if you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me by email.

Damien L.